River Park
Confidentiality and personal data protection policy
and information regarding the processing of personal data

The website www.riverpark.bg (the “Website”) and the services related to it are accessible to visitors and users (in short - you), in compliance with the management and protection of personal data policy, as described in this document.

The Website is owned by Real Estate Developments EOOD, Uniform ID code  204770872, entered with the Commercial Register and Register of NPLE with the Registry Agency with the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, having its registered seat and address of management at 26-28 Bacho Kiro St., Business park Platinum, Sofia. Your personal data are collected and processed by Real Estate Developments EOOD, Uniform ID code  204770872, having its registered seat and address of management at 26-28 Bacho Kiro St., Business park Platinum, Sofia (the “Company” or in short - we).

The Company, in its capacity of a personal data controller, and its personnel, observe all requirements of the Bulgarian law and the applicable EU law related to personal data protection. The Company guarantees the confidentiality of non-public information and personal data of all visitors and users of the website www.riverpark.bg. 

Please read this Confidentiality and Personal Data Protection Policy (the “Policy”), in order to understand how we collect, process, store, and use your personal data in our activities. The Policy is valid for the Website only and refers to the activities on personal data processing performed by the Company or third parties to which the Company has assigned such performance.

The Policy contains information on the access to and protection of personal data, the purposes, grounds, and means of the processing of personal data and other information that is of interest to you in your capacity of a personal data subject. You can find the information further below in this Policy, or contact us at the following address:  office@riverpark.bg. Please read the Policy before you decide to use or to register as a user of our Website.



The Company respects personal privacy and personal life and undertakes to apply an overall policy against unauthorized access and/or processing of the personal data of the Website users by observing this Policy.

The aim of this Policy is to inform the users of the Website on the purposes of the processing of their personal data, on the recipients or the categories of recipients to whom the data may be disclosed, on the basic principles in collecting and processing of personal data, including their voluntary providing, strict observance of the users’ rights and observing the Company’s obligations as a personal data controller.   

For the purposes of ensuring conformity with the applicable national and EU laws in the field of personal data protection, this Policy shall be subject to updating and may be amended and supplemented from time to time, when the law or the practice of the regulator require this. Its most updated version is published on the Website.

This Policy refers to the information which we collect via the Website (including advertisements, services, and applications) and via e-mail, texts, and other electronic messages between you and the Website.



For the purposes of this Policy:

-      “personal data” means any information related to an identified natural person or a natural person identifiable, directly or indirectly, by various identifiers, such as name, identification number, location data, online identifier or other specific factors related to the physical, economic, cultural or social identity, etc.,

-      “Processing of personal data“ means any operation or set of operations performed on personal data by automated or other means, such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, use or otherwise making available the data,

-      “personal data controller“ means a natural or legal person, public authority, agency, or other body which, solely or by assignment to others, processes personal data, duly determining the purposes and means of the processing.

Collection of information and data provided by you

The Company collects the information which you provide to us voluntarily or by using the Website, including when you interact with the functionalities of the Website, upon your registration as users, for example with the purpose to get acquainted with the services offered via the Website, to subscribe for a newsletter, upon registration for participation in events and initiatives offered via the Website, etc. The Company also reserves the right to store and process the users’ personal data in view of observing the Bulgarian and the applicable EU laws.

The information which we collect and process depends on how you use and access the Website.

Visiting the Website by non-registered users (surfing the web) does not require the provision of personal data.  

When registered users use the Website, we collect information and personal data from you, when you enter a request to contact you in relation to providing information or services by us, or you contact us for help or information, or otherwise provide personal data, including in relation to our news and events, an update of information or other services. For the purposes of registration with the Website, you enter the information indicated on the Website, including your name, email, telephone number, possibly a text addressed to us, and other required information. You enter similar information when you make comments or send us a request or a claim.

Providing personal data by the user is necessary for the performance of the services and the functionalities of the Website, such as for the registration with the Website and subscription for newsletters, news, updated information on events or other initiatives offered on the Website, or promotions. Any waiver of a provision of personal data by the user will make impossible the user’s registration with the Website or the use of services or other initiatives offered on the Website.  

Each user shall be liable for the correctness and accuracy of the provided personal data. Any losses and damages to the Website, the Company or any third party incurred as a result of providing wrong, inaccurate, or incomplete information shall be the sole responsibility of the user.  



We may collect data automatically, including for the purposes of profiling, while you view or use the Website, such as data on the number of your entries on the Website, your location, the information you use on the Website, your IP address, operating system and type of browser.



Like many other sites, we also use “cookies” which are small files, saved to the hard disc of your computer. We use “cookies” for personalization of the Website (presenting different pages to different users), tracking the access of different users to the Website, valuation of the consumer models, the Website’s content rating by the users, and for improving the Website in general.  Through the “cookies” our Website can “differentiate” and  “memorize”  the visitors and their individual preferences, settings, and performed actions.

Almost any browser may allow you to delete at any time or totally prevent the use of “cookies” through the respective settings. Please refer to the Help menu of your browser where you will find instructions on how to stop accepting new “cookies” by your browser, how to change its settings in order to receive a warning when a new “cookie” appears, or how to reject all “cookies”. Please pay attention that restricting or rejecting “cookies” may limit your access or make the use of certain functions of the Website impossible.    



The IP address (information protocol) represents a figure which uniquely identifies a computer or other hardware connected to the Internet and connects it to other devices when they send information via the Internet or a local network. The IP address solely cannot identify a specific natural person. We store your IP address and its data in order to ensure the security of our systems and to prevent misuse of information and data.

We use the data collected automatically for improving the Website and the user experience by creating and analyzing consumer models, personalizing the access and the use of the Website depending on your preferences and interests and facilitating your searches based on thus collected statistical data. We will store this information for a period of 3 years.   

The data collected automatically is statistical and does not contain personal data but in combination with other additional information which we store or receive, it could be possible to disclose the identity of a personal data subject, in which case this information will be processed, stored and used in compliance with the rules of this Policy.     



We may make online surveys on the Website which are arranged by the Website team or the Company’s partners with the purpose of surveying the consumer attitudes and wishes. In case you join an online survey, we may request from you specific information, for example about your age, gender, education, interests, email address, and/or address for correspondence. This type of information contains personal data and will be treated in compliance with this Policy.

The Website may contain links to other websites, for example to the Website’s page on Facebook,  Google Maps, etc. Please consider that this Policy does not refer to the information collected via other websites. We recommend that you read the personal data policies of all internet pages you visit. If you access the Website via a link of some of our advertising, marketing  and other partners, the pages may be directed to these partners. However, the information you provide will be collected by us and the provisions of this Policy shall apply in respect of the use of such information.  



It is possible, while users visit and view the Website, that we monitor the pages they visit and the time they spend on the Website through the analyzer tool Google Analytics. You may object the collection and processing of your data this way by downloading and installing a browser plug-in from the following link: http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout?hl=en



The management and technical maintenance of the Website are performed by external suppliers of content and services. These content and services may include distribution of marketing and advertising materials, rating of the Website, surveys and data analysis, fraud protection and limitation of risks, data clearing, etc. We provide personal data to such external suppliers and allow and oblige them to use the data only for the respective services and provided that they commit to undertake the necessary measures for observing the applicable laws regarding personal data.



We use this information and data for:

-      providing the services offered on the Website,

-      improving the Website, personalization, and facilitation of the access and the searches therein,

-      marketing and advertising purposes,

-      online surveys, analysis, processing and storage of information, including for statistic purposes, 

-      sending you information regarding news, upcoming events, promotions, services, and other activities (if you agreed to receive such information) and other communication with you,

-      collecting and storage of complaints, opinions and recommendations and undertaking action with respect thereto,

-      performance of statutory obligations by the Company, protection of the rights and interests of the consumers, the Company and the related persons, including in view of preventing misuse of information and data,

-      other purposes for which we have obtained your express consent.



We process your personal data on the grounds of legitimate interest. Our legitimate interest is generally expressed in the recognized by law right of the business initiative – the right to conduct and develop our business. When we have requested and you have consented to the processing of your personal data, your consent will be the grounds for the lawful processing of your personal data. Any processing of your personal data in the performance of the Company’s statutory obligations as a personal data controller is also lawful, as well as when it is necessary for the protection of your interests, such as for discovering and prevention of theft of these data, data fraud or other violations.   

The Company, in its capacity of the users’ personal data controller, processes the latter in compliance with this Policy and with the user’s consent given by the user upon provision of the data. The users’ personal data are processed by persons authorized therefor by the Company, who are granted access thereto on the basis of their official or contractual duties and only in relation to and for the purposes of such processing. Upon submitting an electronic request at office@riverpark.bg, any user of the Website may receive information on the type of his/her personal data which is subject to processing by the Company, the authorized staff members who perform processing, whether third parties process his/her personal data, on what grounds and for what purposes his/her personal data were provided to third parties, and other relevant information.  

The Company processes personal data in compliance with the necessary security requirements, to minimize the risks of destruction and loss of data, unauthorized access, illegal processing, or processing which does not comply with the purposes of their collection. The information system of the Website and the programs are configured to minimize personal and identification data use in order for these data to be used only when necessary for the specific purpose of the processing.



Your personal data will be collected and processed via ecteronic system managed by the Company or third parties assigned by the Company and stored on protected servers.

The storage term of your personal data depends mainly on the duration of your user profile. The Company will store your personal data until you have an active profile on the Website. Upon deletion or other deactivation of the profile, the information regarding your personal data will be deleted within one month, pursuant to the related statutory requirements in effect. 

In all other cases, the data necessary for achieving of the specific purposes of the processing, including those provided on the basis of the express consent of the user, will be stored by the Company for a period of 5 years as of their receipt, or for the term necessary for observing our statutory obligations of a personal data controller, if such term is longer.   



We may disclose the personal data stored by us in the following cases:

-      with your consent,

-      for the purpose for which you proved them if the purpose requires such disclosure,

-      to third parties providing services on maintenance and management of the Website, analysis, and protection of data,

-      to intermediaries with the pre-contractual relations and the execution of contracts by the Company, including sales agents, marketing experts, analysts, technical and other consultants of the Company,

-      for the performance of our statutory obligation or a requirement by state or judicial authorities, for protection of the rights, the property, and security of the Company or related parties, business partners, clients and users of the Website,

-      upon acquisition of control over the Company, its capital, or its assets or parts thereof by third parties. Transactions of such nature may also involve transfer of the information regarding users of the Website, in which case we will inform you by a notification on the Website on the transfer of the data and possible new confidentiality and personal data protection policy.  

We may exchange information that does not contain personal data with our marketing partners, analysts, advertisers, consultants, and other persons providing services to the Company. Usually, such information is expressed in figures, such as the number of users visiting the Website within a specific period of time, the most wanted information or service, and similar.



The users of the Website may at any time:

-      require from the Company to provide them access to their personal data stored by the Company, to examine their content and correct or supplement them, to update, block, delete, cease or limit their processing, to object against their processing, to withdraw their consent on processing via an email sent to the following address: office@riverpark.bg, whereas after withdrawal they will not be able to use the Website services and to receive messages, emails, SMS messages with advertising, marketing, and commercial content and to contact the Company on issues related to client programs and others via electronic means, due to which the withdrawal will be treated as a waiver by the user of the services provided via the Website,

-      check and delete the information (their profile) related to their personal data. Upon deletion of the profile, all personal data related to the data subject will be deleted automatically,

-      to receive from the Company information on the purpose of their personal data processing, where and how their personal data are stored, the third parties to which they are provided and on what grounds, how and for what term their personal data will be stored or to require their data to not be used for direct marketing purposes.   

Pursuant to Art. 20 of Regulation (ЕU) 2016/679 the Company states that it avails of no technical ability to provide personal data portability from the Website to other websites.

You may contact us at office@riverpark.bg if you would like to receive the above information by the Company or to exercise your rights.  

In case of suspected misuse of your personal data, please contact the Company’s representative at telephone number +359 29835690 or email office@riverpark.bg.  

In cases of suspected misuse or complaints in relation to the collection and processing of your personal data, you have the right to lodge a complaint to the Commission for Personal Data Protection at the following address: 2, Professor Tzvetan Lazarov St., Sofia 1592, telephone number: +359 2 915 35 18, email: kzld@cpdp.bg, website: http://www.cpdp.bg/ 



We will inform the users of any material changes to the Policy by a notification on the Website. In certain cases, we may also send emails to inform our users thereof. We recommend that you regularly check the Website for any changes to the Policy on personal data.