River Park


10 September 2019 marked the start of our good deed initiative - #TheGoodNeighbour. The River Park team set up a special booth in Business Park Sofia and conducted a survey on the best qualities of a Neighbor. Throughout the event all team members led by example and treated all visitors not only with kindness but also with raspberry lemonade, homemade gelato ice cream, and freshly brewed coffee.

The sociological research was inspired by the philosophy that the River Park project is based on. It is of immense importance what environment each individual grows and spends the most time of his or her day in. This often underestimated element has a direct impact on the way we perceive and interact with the world. A huge part of our immediate environment are the neighbors, who can easily put a smile on our face.

The River Park team managed to have a chat and link up with more than 600 of the visitors of Business Park on Tuesday and definitely succeeded in lifting the mood of all who stopped by. 

One of the leading decision-making factors in the design phase of the park was the internal infrastructure. Given that almost 80% of the area will be dedicated to outdoor facilities, trees, and recreation zones, it is of utmost importance that the traffic to and in between the public areas and the houses are well planned. To ensure a higher quality of life and the optimal predisposition for good neighborly relations, the River Park project is carefully curated to minimize the street traffic and provide easy access to each house. 

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