River Park

River Park opens its first Sample House

The first Sample house in River Park was officially completed this month and welcomed the first visitors, looking for the perfect home for their families. The Row House brings to life the unique atmosphere and sophisticated, yet cozy design known from the 3D visualizations of the project.

The Row Sample house has an area of 190 square meters and is located on Alley 2 in the complex. It has a spacious ground floor with an entrance room, living room, dining room, kitchen, and guest toilet. On the second floor, you will find three spacious bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The house has two parking spaces and an individual yard with an area of 75 square meters.

Hadar Shamay, Director of Establishment and Construction of River Park project, took up the task of designing the sample house. She brought her professional background in architecture and interior design and create a cozy and functional home where everything has its own place. We spoke to her to learn more about the interior of the sample house and how it is linked to the overall concept of River Park.


You have years of experience in architectural planning and interior design, and you have been part of River Park’s team since the start of the project. Did this help you in designing the interior of the sample house? How did you start the design process?

When I started the design process of the sample house, I first thought of an "imaginary family" who would live in this house. Bearing in mind that the majority of our clients who have bought houses in River Park are young families with one or two kids, I started to develop a design concept for such a family. It had to be very precisely tailored to the people living in the house.

The sample house is styled in the distinctive Scandinavian look, which dominates the interior trends in the past few years. How did you decide to implement this particular style?

The Scandinavian design combines simplicity and sophistication, which is what convinced me to choose it. Functionality, the constant thought of how things will be most comfortable to use, and how the user will feel are leading motifs in it.

What was your main inspiration?

I believe that any given space should not only be beautiful and please the eye but has to make us feel good in it. In my opinion, when you get home, you want to slow down, relax, breathe and enjoy the moment. Therefore, you will not find any “cluttered” design in the house, intense colors, and an abundance of objects, but a simple and clean design and at the same time warm, homely, and inviting.

Tell us more about the details.

I chose light and pleasant shades with added contrast colors, elements from nature (wood, straw, cotton), and delicate graphics that upgrade the look and take it one step further.

The base is monochromatic colors. These are the elements which are more difficult to replace, such as flooring, tiles, etc. The colored accents are elements that are easy to replace and rotate – such as pictures, pillows, and accessories.

The flooring in the house is a combination of light gray tiles that mimic smoothed concrete, and laminated parquet in a light natural oak shade.

What are the most significant elements in each room?

In the living room, I chose to cover the main wall with smooth concrete-like decorative plaster. Here I placed the TV, which is hung on the wall, and designed a huge “floating” library from thin iron painted in white. The sofas and the rug in the living room are light neutral colors (beige shades) but they look warmer combined with the coffee tables made of wood, iron, and straw, and colorful cushions.


The dining table is made of solid wood painted in black and so are the chairs that accompany it (a combination of 2 types of chairs). The fireplace next to the dining room table is also made of black iron and next to it there are rug and cushions, inviting you to lie down by the fireplace.

The kitchen is designed in a combination of 2 shades – a natural oak shade and a light cadet blue that gives a fresh feeling and blends perfectly with the wood shade.

The kitchen and the stairs leading up to the second floor are separated by a partition element of wooden strips which is an integral part of the kitchen.

On the bedrooms floor, the kid's rooms were designed in happy and soft pastel colors, and large wall-to-wall wardrobes were placed to allow maximum storage space.


The master bedroom also has a clean and warm design. The wall behind the bed is painted in an artichoke shade (greenish-gray), and the rest of the furniture is in shades of white, beige, and light wood. The perfect place to wake up for another day in the home you have always dreamt of.

The Row house gives those who are looking for a new home the opportunity to get to know River Park even better and to feel the atmosphere with which the residential complex aims to stand out. Additional information can be found in the architectural plans on the site, 3D tours of the houses or through a personal meeting with the Sales Team.