River Park

River Park donates Paintings by some of the best Graffiti Artists to Schools and Kindergartens in Sofia

The artworks from the exhibition “Window to Childhood”, created by some of the best Bulgarian graffiti artists - Nasimo, Sve, Esteo, Arsek & Erase, were donated by River Park to a number of schools in Sofia. The company’s aim was to contribute in bringing positive emotions to children and teachers during the challenging school year ahead.

The 23rd Secondary School “Frederic Joliot-Curie”, 51st Secondary School “Elisaveta Bagryana”, 107th Primary School “Khan Krum”, the National High School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics “Acad. Lyubomir Chakalov” and the 99th  Kindergarten “Brezichka” are where the schoolyear will be brighter and more colorful.

“I am very happy that after the great interest in the exhibition at the National Gallery “Square 500”, the graffiti paintings found their permanent home in schools and kindergartens. The project was dedicated to children and their carefree childhood, filled with games and fun outside and I sincerely believe that these paintings will not only adorn the corridors of schools, but will also bring many smiles and games”, stated the CEO of River Park and initiator of the creative project Ori Niv.

A total of seven works of art depict the graffiti artists’ unforgettable childhood memories. At the beginning of the year, they were presented at the National Art Gallery “Square 500” in the first graffiti exhibition in the Gallery’s history. The aim of the art project was both to promote that particular area of ​​contemporary art and to emphasize the importance of children going outside to play again.

The Art director of the project is one of the best and most popular graffiti artists Stanislav Trifonov - Nasimo, who has left his messages in the urban environment not only in Bulgaria, but also in almost all of Europe, Canada, Russia, China and many other countries. He stated that “the fact that more and more children are spending time in the virtual space instead of outside with their friends has inspired us to recreate pictures from the unforgettable carefree childhood we had. With the support of River Park, our messages reached thousands of people and I will be extremely happy if through our art we inspire children to communicate more with each other in the real world”.