River Park

Everything you need to know about the playgrounds and shared spaces in River Park

Over 80% of ​​River Park’s area will remain non-built-up and will used for open spaces - a fact that sets the complex apart from all other housing projects in Sofia. The utilization of these open areas is subject to in-depth and precise analysis, which takes into account the latest trends in the sustainable development of urban planning. Particular attention is paid to the playgrounds - here, unlike other gated communities in our country, they are scattered throughout the complex in order to be as comfortable and easily accessible to all residents as possible.

The person behind the design of the shared spaces is landscape architect Dobromira Lulcheva and her team at Landscape Design Studio - a company specializing in contemporary landscape architecture. Their goal is clear - to create a modern and healthy living environment that will bring nature back into people's lives.

A place for everyone. Together.

The landscape is designed so that the complex provides a home for both people and nature. To be a place to live, relax and have fun in a clean, healthy and natural environment.

The common areas are diverse, and the individual areas are connected and accessible, inviting residents and guests to activities and discoveries in nature. There is no single central defined space in which the different functions are concentrated, but rather different zones and places connected to each other, where both young and old residents have the opportunity to socialize, relax or be active. The playgrounds in the complex play an important role and are the core of people’s entertainment.


As part of a residential complex with over 300 families, the playground is not just an area with play facilities. This is a space that has the potential to improve the quality of life of all residents. The overall goal is to create an inclusive place without barriers for all age groups to develop cognitive skills together. As one of the main gathering places in the complex, the playground is becoming increasingly important. The goal is for it to become a space for social interaction, which offers a place for games, movement and communication. Various plant species have been situated around and inside the play areas, providing shade, coolness and protection. The selected types of trees have tall crowns, welcoming and bringing lightness to the spaces.

Informal games

In addition to the multiple playground areas, informal play facilities are integrated at specific points throughout the complex. This provides a play area close to home, stimulating constant movement in everyday life, not only for children but also for adults. Balancing elements made of natural materials, such as wood and stone, invite residents to be active and adventurous. The elevation of the terrain has been used and some of the facilities are located on a steep terrain in order to create more physical activities and challenges. They are multifunctional and can also be used as seats.

The Feeling

The selection of play equipment is in line with the overall purpose and concept of the landscape design. All elements are made of natural wood of certified origin. The vision and style of the facilities is natural, fitting into the environment, stimulating interaction. The playgrounds include a variety of elements, which encourage movement by requiring coordination and speed. In addition, the various senses are playfully stimulated by special surface textures, colors and different levels of difficulty. In the playgrounds, there are different types of park furniture, predisposing families and neighbors to spend time together. All spaces are richly landscaped with diverse vegetation creating a dynamic environment that stimulates contact with nature.