River Park

New alleyways and installation of the first playground equipment

We entered September 2022 with brand new streets and alleyways in River Park. The street network connects all 110 houses built in the First Phase of the complex. Once completed, construction crews will move on to shaping the street surrounding the complex, as well as the jogging track next to it.

At the same time, the installation of the first playground equipment began. At River Park, play areas will be spread over multiple locations, rather than concentrated in one or two larger areas. In this way, equal access is ensured from all houses in the complex. You can learn more about the playground locations here.

Over the following month, the afforestation of the green areas, which are also one of the distinguishing features of the complex, will begin. Over 80% of River Park's area is dedicated to open spaces, parks and gardens. Different types of local vegetation is planned to ensure it blends naturally with the landscape of the nearby mountain. Details of the landscaping concept can be found here.