River Park

ART Graffiti Brunch by River Park

The River Park team initiated one of the most massive art demonstrations done in recent years in Bulgaria. The project was inspired by the boundless creativity of a child's imagination.

It was our pleasure to team up with some of the most extraordinary graffiti artists on the Bulgarian and international stage.

On the 28th & 29th September 2019, Nasimo, Sve, Esteo, Arsek & Erase demonstrated their immense talent live, for all the visitors of the Amphitheater arena in Ring Mall, Sofia. 7 beautiful graffiti art masterpieces were created over the course of two days. Each of the participants was tasked to recreate their own childhood and send their own unique message to the world. 

In the spirit of the River Park project, the team had prepared a special, dedicated creative corner for all children who wanted to express their creativity on spot. One of the highlights of the event was the specially organized Sunday brunch with cocktails, that marked the finishing touches of the paintings. 

The aim of the entire project was to reflect the River Park philosophy, i.e. that the environment, in which we grow as kids shape our entire personality and imagination. The team behind River Park boasts it's experience in creating the right environment for a higher quality of life, with safe streets, away from the density of the city. River Park infrastructure minimizes the traffic and ensures picturesque, scenic views of both the city and the mountain. Over 80% of the park will be dedicated to green areas and recreation zones, ready for play, relaxation, sports, or other types of fun free-time activities. One of the most sought-after results is to have a positive impact on the mentality and behavioral patterns of children. River Park is specially designed to help bring kids outside of the virtually enhanced world of video games and closer to nature and their own imagination.  

"The theme of the stunt and the presence of people of all ages and backgrounds was a great throwback not only to my own priceless childhood memories but also a reminder that contemporary graffiti art is an appreciated and widely acknowledged art form.", shared Nasimo, creative director of the whole exhibition.