River Park

14 houses in River Park have been completed up to the roof

6 months after the official groundbreaking ceremony, the construction of River Park’s Phase 1 is going at an excellent pace. 14 of the houses in River Park have been completed up to the roof, and 37 others are nearing the completion of their second floors. 12 of the houses have foundations and walls on the first floor. The foundations of the remaining 27 houses will be laid during the upcoming two months.

The first phase of construction includes 110 houses on a spacious area of 70,000 sq. m. This area includes 62 row and 48 twin houses, individual yards ranging in size from 60 to 580 sq. m., shared green spaces and internal road infrastructure.

The construction of River Park is scheduled to last about 5 years, and the first phase is expected to be completed in 2022. In its entirety, River Park will include the construction of 352 row, twin and single-family homes, infrastructure and park spaces on a plot of 215,000 sq. m.