River Park

At your doorstep

River Park promises a sure escape from the density of the city, but not at the expense of the comfort that the city has to offer.

For families with children, there will be several playgrounds, situated at a walking distance from your home. For the sporting types, we have designed special running routes and other outdoor gym facilities.  As for all our four-pawed friends - we've got it covered. River Park plans to include a dedicated dog park, which will provide some running space and a play area for the fluffy family members. 

Advantage #1

Smart planning

Escape the density of the city and enjoy the safety of streets where kids are more than cars.

Advantage #2

Controlled entrances

Controlled access is guaranteed not only for security reasons. We have enough space for guest parking as well.  

Advantage #3

Scenic Views

Amazing view from each house to both the scenic mountain tops and the city of Sofia.

Comfort is priority

• Low density of construction – only 15% of the area

• Over 40,000 sq.m of  green space where over 3,000 trees will be planted

• Over 67,000 sq.m of private yards

• Over 7,000 sq.m of alleys and green paths

• BBQ area


• Guest parking

• 24/7 security, controlled access, and video surveillance

• Strategic location - close to the Simeonovo lift, close to main road arteries, a shopping center with a cinema, a grocery store, a restaurant, a furniture store, and more.

• Altitude above 695 m.