River Park

At your doorstep

River Park promises a sure escape from the density of the city, but not at the expence of the comfort that the city has to offer.

For families with children there is an all-day kindergarten planned for construction, which will be situated a walking distance from your home. For the sporting types we have designed special running routes, a swimming pool and other outdoor gym facilities.  As for all our four-pawed friends - we've got it covered. River Park plans include a dedicated dog park, which will provide some running space and a play area for the fluffy family members. 

Advantage #1

Smart planning

Escape the density of the city and enjoy the safety of streets where kids are more than cars.

Advantage #2

Controlled entrances

Controlled access is guaranteed not only for security reasons, but because we have enough space for guest parking.  

Advantage #3

Scenic Views

Amazing view from each house to both the scenic mountain tops and the city of Sofia.

Comfort is priority

• Kindergarden
• Swimming pool
• Supermarket
• Guest Parking
• 24/7 security service