River Park

Gated community! Why not?

Let’s see what it can offer.
We have all said “it’s closer to the center”; “It has quick access to public transport”; My workplace is a 5-minute walk away” ... to live in the heart of the city has undeniable advantages. But would you think the same, if it comes to raising your children in the peace and quiet for family needs?
Today we look at the benefits of living in a gated community. The center of Sofia is beautiful (and sometimes even romantic) but it also has a detrimental effect on the people, who live there.
The air quality, buildings, traffic...
On the other hand, gated communities are safer and quieter for children's games, pets, and outdoor
activities. Well-planned infrastructure and landscaping in these types of complexes are often a great
alternative to open neighborhoods, combining urban life with ennobled nature.
River Park specifically is a residential complex, carefully planned with respect to the surrounding environment and
focused on ensuring the people in it have direct contact with nature.
Also, in its creation, we took into consideration the fact that it will perform a social function as well,
because people create a society, which interacts with itself and raises its children together.
We believe that for families it is important that their children can grow up in a healthy environment and have
the chance to play outside. Precisely this idea led us to emphasize the following construction of the
• 80% of the area, which will remain free of buildings, is set to be turned into green spaces, providing areas for
recreation, picnicking, hiking trails, and jogging.
• Optimally distributed houses with large distances between them.
• Individual children's playgrounds, located in the vicinity of the property
• Individual parking spaces
• Various indoor sports facilities, as well as an outdoor fitness and playgrounds, all suitable for
use by all ages
• A pool near the complex
• An all-day kindergarten
• The construction of a supermarket and restaurant on the territory of the complex
• A special separate park for domesticated animals
The location of the complex is strategic.
• Apart from the “smart planning” applied in the infrastructure, which allows easy access to your home, we
have provided large spaces between houses, individual parking lots, and River Park’s location has several other good sides.
• In the vicinity there are stops of several lines of urban transport, as well as a planned Metro station, which
provides convenience for people, who do not use a car.
• The Ring road, Simeonovsko Chaussee and blvd. “Kliment Ohridski” makes moving to any point in Sofia extremely comfortable.
• In the immediate vicinity there is a large shopping center with a variety of dining,
entertainment and sports opportunities for children and adults alike.
• And finally, the complex is close to the Simeonovo lift, and with it - the mountain is accessible in just a few minutes. In the sociological study, which our team performed, we came across intriguing opinions from different
Many of them share the idea of living in nature, in close proximity to the city, but without the presence of high buildings, polluted air, and noise from cars. The people who really touched us those who thought that it would be
great for the neighbors to be polite and helpful, as well as the idea several people had about sharing a yard with the closest people in two separate houses. 
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