River Park

The benefits of living close to nature

Clean air, green landscapes and silence have a proven beneficial effect on people and their way of life. This is why more and more families are looking for opportunities to settle in the outskirts of cities, instead of living with limited space in the center or residential areas.

The relocation of more and more residents to the outskirts of cities has long been a well-known trend in major cities around the world. Good infrastructure and fast traffic connections are vital for this process so people can maintain daily contact with the city. But when they return home, these families can relax to a far greater extent, and can enjoy a number of other benefits as well.

Peace and quiet

Nothing compares to returning to a quiet and peaceful home after a long and busy day. Even the quietest neighborhoods are filled with various noises - traffic and cars, sirens, pets or noisy neighbors. Although most people are used to them, they continue to affect every person’s health and especially the quality of sleep. Living in a house close to green areas means less surrounding noise and more peace of mind. Who wouldn’t enjoy such a lifestyle?

More movement

There is hardly a person who hasn’t missed his morning workout because of the distance he or she has to travel to get to the nearest park or gym. Now imagine that the morning jogging route started from your front door? Living close to nature automatically expands our opportunities to do sports, while eliminating the common obstacle of having to travel to do so. That is why the inhabitants of towns and villages near a large park or mountain manage to work out more regularly and more fully. We paid special attention to this when designing the green areas in River Park. That is why, in addition to shared traffic lanes, there are separate sports areas in many places in the residential park.

Happy games outside

Every parent in the city has faced challenges in trying to provide enough time outside for their children. The youngsters need outdoor games, fresh air and a safe environment to grow and develop fully. This is perhaps one of the most common reasons why families choose to live in the outskirts of cities. Growing up close to nature, in a house with its own yard or near a large park, children have the opportunity to spend their energy to the fullest and enjoy a happy childhood. In the long run, this has a beneficial effect on their emotional state and is a prerequisite for being responsible and balanced adults.