River Park

Plants: How do they help us feel better?

Life in the city is fast-paced and often forces us look for ways to deal with stress. Have you ever wondered how in your busiest moments you are unconsciously searching for an escape to nature? Indeed - it has the unique ability to bring calmness and relaxation. This is how…

It helps tackle stress

Have you ever felt tense while walking in the woods? Or while you were on a picnic in nature? That is highly unlikely. Clean air and nature have a strong ability to make us forget our problems. This is one of the reasons why River Park has made the green areas a marquee element in the complex. “The area on which the property is located is legally required to have a very high percentage of landscaping,” says Landscape architect Dobromira Lulcheva, who developed the landscaping in the complex together with her team from Landscape Design Studio. “The fact is, however, that we have planned more trees than the minimum requirement, because the goal was to achieve a sustainable and healthy environment, delivering a series of benefits” - she adds. And genuinely, in an environment like this, life really does seem a lot more pleasant!

Concentration and improved memory

Over the last year, most people's attention has been focused on the workplace. Many of us moved from the office to our homes and tried to create a pleasant creative atmosphere while in isolation. Here, houseplants play a leading role because the green color has a calming effect and helps us concentrate. Don't worry if your space is limited - a small cactus or succulent will fit on even the smallest desk.

A better workplace

If just a single flower on your desk helps you concentrate better, then imagine the effect you will achieve if you move your desk into the yard! Living in a house with its own garden provides that advantage. The River Park complex was created to be a place for priceless moments. Therefore, instead of building apartment blocks with hundreds of apartments, we decided to build houses with individual yards. 352 modern houses will be situated on the spacious plot of 215,000 square meters, each with a yard with an area ranging between 61 and 581 square meters. Find out more about them here.

Flowers generate happiness!

The aesthetic value of flowers is indisputable. They manage to make even the most ordinary room look beautiful. Studies show that having flowers at home improves our mood and reduces the risk of depression caused by stress. So try to lift your spirits at the end of a busy day by coming home with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Or choose a favorite flowering plant to take care of. Doing so will have a therapeutic effect and will bring you satisfaction with each subsequent flowering.