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„Extraordinary Art“– how to bring it into our homes?

The extraordinary decor always makes an impression. Walls covered with paintings, beautiful designs on upholstered furniture... even something as small as the right color cushion can make even the most boring sofa interesting.

Did you know that there is a way to furnish your home with luxury that you can create yourself?

Traditional rugs, curtains, and tablecloths are sometimes not enough to create the desired coziness.

That is why today we are sharing 5 ways to liven up the atmosphere at home by complementing it with decorative elements that you can create yourself. This way, the items that draw attention will have sentimental value and elevate your mood.

Bring nature onto your cushions
A beautiful solution for a time well spent, as well as a great budget solution for the interior of any home. During your next walk through nature, collect small twigs, flowers, or fallen leaves. Combined with textile dye, the children’s expert opinion, and their enthusiasm, you can easily embellish the sofa cushion covers at home with a print-mimicking technique.

Applied arts that are easily applicable
Collecting twigs when you’re having a walk is a fun process that will delight the youngest family members. Once you’ve returned home, using some warm silicone, you can assemble the dried twigs into a wonderful fruit bowl. In addition to this idea, we invite you to stimulate your imagination and experiment with different materials and possibilities for their application.

Urban art as part of the home
The home is a perfect “canvas” for self-expression, especially when the walls are blank or you think it’s time to replace the boring wallpaper with something more “artistic”. One of our favorite new trends in interior decor is the introduction of urban art. We suggest that you go for it by choosing a printed wall sticker by a favorite artist or allow a graffiti artist to create the desired feel.

Very soon River Park team will host an exclusive exhibition where you will be able to learn more about the work of some of the most illustrious graffiti artists in Bulgaria. Check our Facebook page for more information, so that you’re among the first visitors to the exhibition.

New day – new look!
If you think that you would grow bored of one look quickly, and your youngsters enjoy creating art on your walls (you know what we’re talking about), allow them the freedom to express themselves! There are special types of paint on the market that turn the ordinary wall into a whiteboard and make it possible for your children to draw on it. Once applied, the walls can be cleaned with one swift wipe.

„Jump” over the small toys on the floor!
If you think you have enough toys lying around the house that aren’t your children’s favorite anymore but are still “important” and can’t be thrown out, simply arrange them into a composition on a boring lamp-stand somewhere around home. You can give it a unified look with some single-color spray paint. The new light is now ready and you can place it in your children’s room.