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Minimalist ideas with which/ Minimalism and how to use it to bring the mess at home under control

Let's be honest - it's not always easy to keep your home tidy, especially if we have children. So we decided to help ourselves with the following tricks that minimalism has taught us.

Minimalism is a concept of cleanliness that will help you keep your home tidy and free from unnecessary belongings, and give you the opportunity to pay attention to the things that are truly meaningful to you.

Those of you who like to collect every little jar may already feel your heart racing. Calm down and we will show you what benefits minimalism can actually bring.

If you want the home to bring you a mood of relaxation and a place to relax, this is your solution


1. Stop postponing.


The earlier you start thinking in this direction, the better! This rule applies to every moment of our daily lives. You don't have to wait for something fateful to happen to show you it's time to act.

Get Started Today!

The sooner you start acting and organizing the life and space around you, the sooner you will realize how many benefits it brings.


2. Make a plan

The hardest part is the beginning. We easily focus first on objects for which we have not made a firm decision whether we still want them in our lives or not. Here we advise you to start with something small, easy, and unnoticeable. For example:

- As you sort your clothes for the laundry or arrange them in your wardrobe, start separating those that don’t fit you anymore. This season is a good time to turn home cleaning into an activity to help many people. Make a donation.

- While preparing dinner, clean the refrigerator of sticky notes that are no longer relevant. This is a good way to get extra motivation because you will understand how many tasks you have managed to complete.

- Throw out expired spices while loading the salt dispenser. Look for “hidden” canned foods as well. They also have an expiry date.

3. Separate what you really use and consider whether you still need it

This is a challenge for everyone. Not just for you.

Modern lifestyle and culture have formed a personal point of view regarding the material world that we can hardly change. But it’s not impossible. Persistence is required. You can think of 3 basic things:

- Do you buy a thing because you are really going to use it or is it just “on-sale” right now?

- Before you go shopping, you can make a list to stick to. Don't buy anything unless it's pre-planned.

- Avoid shopping malls or other large stores unless you are sure you can stick to the list.

4. Introduce the idea of ​​minimalism to children.

If you are among the people who have young children, then you are part of those families that magically have to deal with messy piles of toys. No one said tidying should be boring. You can easily turn it into a game or a fun race.

- Choose fun music to mark the start of the activity.

- Mark the time for how quickly each participant tidied up the messy items or noted that they could part with them.

- Remember to reward the winner, but with something that does not involve the use of a new item. You can easily enjoy a home-made pastry together.

5. Be a true leader in minimalism and this lifestyle!

This means that you are the ones who will strictly follow the set rules and give an example of how others can do it as well.

This is not something that is learned by heart or does not require concentration. On the contrary. Be persistent and don't give up if you don't see progress right away. These things take time. Spoil yourself!