River Park

How to make spring cleaning easier?

We are officially marking the start of spring soon.

 Usually this thought makes us feel good. We associate it with warmth, beautiful colors and fragrances, as well as with successfully finding a reason to take off any extra clothes with which we had wrapped ourselves throughout the entire winter.

In spring the days become longer than the night, temperatures rise, nature returns to active life... generally speaking - only good things.

Despite the positives, which we mentioned, often we are confronted with spring fatigue and the most unpleasant of all - Spring cleaning.

At River Park, we choose to focus on the benefits of the onset of this season, and today you are sharing a few tips on how to deal with “spring cleaning” beforehand.

1. The mat at the front door

Here's a quick, easy-to-follow tip: use two.

Leave one at the front. Place the second one on the inside of the door. In this way, you have a better chance to “capture” dirt from people’s shoes. 

2. Upholstery
Besides the standard cleaning with a vacuum under and behind the sofa, it is a good idea to consider that little attachment with the help of which you can move along the surface of the furniture without harming it and clean it effectively.

3. Bookshelves

The dust on the bookshelves isn’t the only thing we should focus on. Sometimes as much as we clean these shelves, we feel that something is wrong.

Our advice is while reorganizing their contents for yet another time, try to arrange the books in accordance with their color or size.

This way you create a more harmonious and elegant appearance.

This type of space organization would be appropriate for the Scandinavian style in the interior design of River Park family houses.

4. The drawer with all the unnecessary bits and bobs

We start by emptying it. Then move on to vacuuming the dust and after we make sure that we have thrown away everything unnecessary, we end with returning the contents back into the drawer.

5. Vacuum cleaner

Can you imagine? It also needs cleaning once or twice a year.

A perfect moment to attend to it.

After you’ve finished working with it, do not forget that it’s a good idea to change the bag, which collects the dust, as well perhaps even cleaning the house.

6. Cosmetics, makeup, and brushes

As a start of the operation, we propose to dispose of all products with passed or unclear expiration dates.

Then it would be appropriate to separate all the makeup that you have not used in recent months. You can give it to someone as a gift if they haven’t been used.

Let's not forget the makeup brushes! A little shampoo with conditioner and a good rinse will give your brush a new look.


Tell us whether any of the tips here was of any use to you and helped in coping with the uneasy task - spring cleaning.