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How to Celebrate Valentine’s day as a family

Most of us associate Valentine’s day with love. And we believe that there is no greater love than that toward your family. That is why we have selected 5 ideas on how to share the holiday with your family.

We all have fond memories of the time we used to meet in the park secretly to steal a kiss.

When we eagerly awaited returning to the embrace of our beloved, or when we organized a romantic candlelight dinner, in front of the fireplace…

If you are among the people who are fortunate enough to have discovered their better half and have a baby’s laughter echoing through your home, then the following lines are for you. We've come up with 5 great ideas for celebrating your love together with the youngest members of your family.

1. Happiness for mom

An easily implemented idea and a great way to show the woman you love what family means to you.

Surprise her with framed photos that capture your favorite moments as a couple. Choose the photos to print together with the kids. This is a chance to get together and tell your romantic story to the younger members of your family.

Arranging and framing are also an opportunity for family fun.

You can arrange them chronologically, in a way that shows the evolution of your relationship from the beginning and, of course, make room for your future shared memories.
2.  Bubble comfort for dad

It's no secret that Dad loves soft bathrobes. And why not further develop this idea, by presenting him with a pre-prepared hot tub with the right decoration?

You can let your children express their imagination when decorating the tub, and a gift like this can rarely go wrong.

Besides the smile on the face of your beloved, it is also a wonderful symbol of comfort and family coziness.

3.  Little Cupid’s Workshop
What kid doesn't love playing with colors and most of all... every parent’s "favorite" - scissors?

With this easy game, entertainment with scissors will be shared and supervised.

On the night before the holiday, with the help of the kids, select pink and red sheets of paper from which to cut out heart shapes.

Then alternate with the children and let everyone share what they love about others in the family or what in the home they define as a symbol of comfort and love. Each heart should be carefully labeled and packed in a jar that you and your loved one can open on Valentine’s Day. Let this be another unforgettable and warm family memory.

4. Make your love even sweeter! Make a thematic milkshake.
Don’t use this as a start to the sentence. Even though it’s a blog, we have to stay in the more sophisticated end of the spectrum.

How about a Red Velvet milkshake?

An easy and quick-to-make recipe that you can prepare with your kids but leave for dessert.

Necessary products:

2 cups of vanilla ice cream;

4 tablespoons broken red velvet cake layers (ready-made layers with this taste are also sold);

400 ml milk;

½ tablespoon liquid vanilla;

2 full tablespoons melted chocolate;

whipped cream and sprinkles to taste.


How to prepare it:

1. Pick the right cups and dip their rims in the melted chocolate.

2. Scatter the sprinkles onto the plate and dip the chocolate edges so that the sprinkles stick.

3. Mix the milk, ice cream, crushed cake layers, and vanilla with a mixer or blender.

4. Pour the contents into the decorated cups and put them in the fridge.

5. Add whipped cream for a spectacular finish when serving dessert.


The only sweeter thing about this milkshake will be the smile on your loved ones' faces!