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How to stay active with kids at home

Everyone who loves being active would agree with us that once it has become a way of life, sports should be practiced in spite of our daily routine and the conditions we have available.

This is a message to those of you with young children. If so far this has been the main reason for not finding time to take care of your body through movement, when life presents you with something new to challenge yourself with - a pandemic.

There is a lot of information circulating regarding the new virus and the last thing we want to do is give you another dose of information that you are probably already familiar with. So we decided to inspire you to get the positive out of the situation in a way that will genuinely improve your health.

Here are a few ideas on how you can exercise along with the youngest family members at home.

Here is a message to everyone with young children, but with the desire to stay fit.

Here are some ideas on how you can play sports at home, in parallel with taking care of your children and during the current unpleasant situation - a pandemic.

1. Start with breathing

This will help you relax and remind yourself that it's time to concentrate and get into a rhythm with your best fitness partner - your child. Once you have mastered breathing continue with:

2. Warm-Up

Start individually and with simple movements - neck, wrists, elbows, shoulders, pelvis, knees, ankles.

Once you are sure that you have prepared the soft joints and if your child is young enough, include it in the main exercises that you warm up with.

Let it help you as extra weight in pushing out from your chest, the simple squats, and rotational movements made with your abdominal muscles.

3. Continue with an emphasis on your leg muscles

It is the largest muscle group in the human body. That's why you should start with it. You finished your warm-up with normal squats. After a sip of water, continue with their variations. In addition to the extra load your child is providing, you can upgrade the exercise by holding the squat for a few seconds before straightening.

After 10 repetitions without a long break, continue with lunges. Remember to keep your legs at 90 degrees and make sure your knee stays behind your toes.

4. Let’s include the entire body

After training your glutes and thighs, we recommend that you include full-body exercises. This will allow the blood concentrated in the legs to activate the remaining muscles that are still to be used.

From an upright position, with the help of alternating hands, drop to a plank. Conversely, go from a plank, palm by palm, back to an upright position.

This movement is great for assisting proper blood circulation.

*To add a little bit on top, you can hold the plank for 20-30 seconds on the last repetition.

5. Upper Body Workout

After a short pause and a sip of water, take a plank position, and combine 10 push-ups, touching your shoulder after each. By alternating these movements, you effectively exercise both the arms and chest and the abdomen.

Remember to breathe and have fun!

6. A quick stretch before the next exercise

For better results, we recommend stretching the muscles you have already exercised before continuing to use new muscle groups. This will allow for faster recovery of muscle fibers and ensure some necessary rest.

7. Focus on your abs

Here your children will be the most faithful helpers. “Don't let mom fall.”

You may have your legs stretched or folded while lying down on the mat. Start making traditional sit-ups. After completing all 10 reps, you can change things up a bit for the next series - staying low, trying to alternate and reach your ankles with your fingertips. A great way to exercise your side abdominal muscles!

8. A bit of isometry

With exercises like this, we are definitely going to the “next level”. They help us improve endurance and really burn off excess fat by activating muscle building.

If we want to concentrate the load in the abdominal muscles, our suggestion is this: from a sit-up position with your knees bent, lift the torso upwards leading from the chest with the back straight, lift your feet, and hold that position.

We recommend that you hold a few reps at an equal interval of seconds.


9. Stretching

The key to a well-sculpted and athletic body is stretching. In addition to helping you recover faster when you stretch after a workout, you allow your body to normalize its heart rate and breathing.

Don't forget to stretch after every workout!

10. Don’t forget to thank yourselves

Use the time you have to stay home to share invaluable moments with your family and find ways to make your home a favorite place!

At River Park, we strive to turn your ordinary home into a dream home by paying attention to every detail and tried to ensure your surroundings bring comfort and coziness