River Park

Hobbies you can indulge in while living in a House

Hobbies are that little escape from everyday life that distracts us, relieves stress and brings satisfaction. It is often the case that the more unorthodox and different from our profession it is, the more positive emotions it brings us. But the truth is that some activities impose restrictions that are difficult to deal with when living in an apartment. Lack of sufficient space or excessive noise are among the most common hindrances to consider when deciding to pursue a hobby. But have you thought about how you would spend your free time if you lived in a house?

Music without Worries

Have you ever heard the neighbors' TV blaring? Or maybe the music they listen to? Have they heard yours? Yes, living in an apartment building can really be… shared. If so far this has been the only obstacle that has stopped you from playing a musical instrument, then it would be much easier if you lived in a house. Imagine a spacious living room and French windows revealing breathtaking views of the Vitosha Mountains - is there a better place for a beautiful old grand piano? Or would you rather play drums in one of the bedrooms on the second floor? Or perhaps you like to sing as if no one is listening? It doesn't matter what your musical choice is - spacious houses (like those in River Park) give you the freedom to dedicate yourself to music without disturbing your loved ones or neighbors.

Meditation against Stress

Living in a house can ensure you have no worries both making noise and enjoying the lack thereof. The green areas that surround your home, the quiet neighborhood and the spacious rooms on two floors give you the opportunity for peace and privacy, which would be a luxury in an apartment. Take a break from the noise of the world around you for at least a few minutes a day, relaxing with a short meditation. It is a strong ally in the fight against stress and bad moods.

Collecting without Boundaries

Collecting various objects is the most common type of leisure activity. But also perhaps the most challenging! If you love postage stamps, then you hardly have a problem with storing them. But if your hobby is collecting art, then you definitely need more space. The houses in River Park have spacious rooms and internal staircases, the walls of which can easily be turned into exhibition spaces. See for yourself by taking a tour of the inside and imagining what your personal collector's exhibition would look like!

Cooking and Gala Dinners

You know how to cook well and that gives you pleasure? Your happiness would not be complete if you had no one to share your culinary achievements with. It is not enough to have a comfortable and functional kitchen if you do not have a large enough dining room to invite your guests into. That's why when planning River Park, we set aside as much space as possible for a shared kitchen and dining room. There you can easily place everything that will facilitate your cooking - a wide kitchen counter, the possibility of a separate island or bar counter, space for built-in appliances and kitchen cabinets, as well as lots and lots of light! Outside the kitchen, you have enough free space to place a wide table for guests. The best part? The wide French windows provide direct access to the private yard, which is the perfect place for cocktails and outdoor dinners during the warmer months!