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Being part of a community: Host a fun family day this summer

As the weather warms up, it becomes time to try new activities with the family. Remember the hot summer days when you gathered with friends from the neighbourhood, played games and competed with each other? Well, those moments do not have to be a thing of the past.

Organizing this type of event requires planning, so here we have collected 8 tips you can keep in mind to make the most fun family day!

1) Create a game plan in advance

Even the most casual gatherings need a plan. Create a Party Checklist with the games you plan to include. You can add materials to it (if needed) to ensure a great experience for your children and guests.

2) Make sure there is music

Music brings mood, and a list of songs that is also suitable for children can make your day even happier. If you add music to your family day, you can initiate a game of music chair, a dance competition or just a great mood at all!

3) Make eating part of the fun

Don't just serve food, make it part of the fun. You can make a station for decorating sweets or a game in which only the fastest receives a prize.


4) Take advantage of the hot day to make fun water games

Dip sponges in water and allow children to aim at an object to knock it down. Sponges are soft, so they are safe to throw, and in the meantime a great way to cool down. You can involve the whole family in the fun: if the parents get involved, the children will be even more excited to participate.

5) Make your family day a phone-free zone

 Nowadays, children have access to the latest electronics, so you can spend this day without phones and show your children that there is fun without them. Get up, move, play games and develop your children's love of outdoor activities.

6) Turn games into art

Invite your children to find different materials from the yard that can become their personal work of art! Once they have collected things like leaves, sticks, and flowers, help them make their art projects. For more beautiful results, buy a few canvases, glue, paints, and brushes in advance to use.

7) Choose a party theme

Choosing a theme the party revolves around is not mandatory, but it is a creative way to make your event more interesting for you and the children. If you choose superheroes, you can link some of the activities with them. This will ensure the engagement and fun of your children.

8) Include educational games

As part of your family day, combine the knowledge that children may have learned in school with fun play (children learn better when information is presented in a fun way). You can get inspiration from Biology or Chemistry classes.