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Cozy house: adding warmth to the home

Use textiles

One of the most effective ways to "warm" a room in the house is by adding fabrics. The depth and texture of the interior textiles create a cozy effect while bringing mood and making the room appear more attractive. Moreover, delicate fabrics personalized with decorations add value and identity to the textile. Therefore, consider adding:

New curtains. Replace linear blinds with simple or slightly translucent curtains or choose colours and patterns that really warm your space.

Carpets. Modern furniture often has floors with a hard surface such as concrete or hardwood. Therefore, if you are looking to soften the space, carpets are the perfect tool.

Blankets. Who does not love having a blanket always ready? Warm your home by arranging blankets in a basket or placing them on furniture such as a sofa or chair. Look for soft fabrics and neat knits that can really increase the cozy factor.

Put pillows. Pillows give extra depth to the rooms. You can change them according to the season or just choose a few timeless models to warm your space.

Add greenery

Greenery breathes life into modern spaces, and houseplants are one of the easiest ways to turn a house into a home. Even if you do not have the natural talent of a botanist, do not worry, most houseplants are extremely durable and easy to care for. The trick in using them to warm a cold space is to focus on plants of different sizes and shapes. You will be surprised how quickly a few plants can turn your room from simple to pleasant.

Change the lighting

Lighting can really affect the way a room feels. If your home has bright and predominantly blue lights, as well as mostly overhead lighting, the created feeling will probably be sterile and cold. Heat up the space by simply changing your bulbs to LEDs with a warm hue and adding accent lights. Of course, you may not use the reading lamp every time you enter the living room, but this is the perfect accent when you are looking to warm the space on a quiet evening at home.

Opt for natural materials for a cozy look

Modern homes often use materials such as metal, glass, and concrete. While this creates a clean design, it does not always bring charm or character. Adding natural materials helps to warm the space as well as imports a little from the outside world.

Woven baskets for storing blankets or even books help warm a cold living room. Wooden appliances would enliven an impersonal kitchen. Use stone, wood, and greenery to bring life to any space.

When you add the right colours, materials, and accessories, you can keep the clean and elegant feeling of the modern interior while making the place warm, cozy and welcoming.