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Get your home ready for spring with our top 5 tips

We’d be lying if we said that this spring isn’t more eagerly anticipated than usual. The good weather fills us with positive energy and optimism. Now is the time to prepare our home for the upcoming season, so that we can enjoy some rest and relaxation and spend more time out in the open. Here is what we think you should do.

1. Make a list

Tackling chaos and the lack of time is much easier when we know what lies ahead. Place a sheet of paper and a pen in a convenient place at home so you can write down all the tasks you can think of during the day. That way in just a few days you will have a comprehensive list of everything you need to do.

2. Put the blankets away

It's time for soft warm blankets to give way to lighter duvets. Put them away together with thick curtains and heavy pillows that would cause inconvenience during the warm season. Replace them with lighter, thinner curtains, which let the sun's rays into your home. Take it one step further by replacing large thick rugs with lighter carpets or mats.

3. Put away unnecessary items

Having both a tidy home and a multitude of belongings is often impossible. Bid the chaos farewell by putting away everything that you haven’t used over the past year - clothes, toys, unnecessary sports equipment, decoration that no longer inspires you, etc. You have a multitude of choices of what to do with them - you can give them to a friend, sell them or make a donation. No matter what you choose, as a result you will have a significantly more spacious home.

4. Rearrange the furniture

Many of us spent most of the winter at home and may feel the need to liven up the environment. Do not rush out to buy new furniture - you can achieve a lot by simple rearranging what you already have. The sofa can easily find a new place, as can the TV stand. The bookshelf can also find a more comfortable place to stay.

5. Bring nature into your home

With the coming of spring, our desire to be in touch with nature becomes even greater. The variety of spring flowers tempts us from around every corner – just go with the flow and pick a beautiful bouquet of flowers to bring spring into your home. If that's not enough - now is the time to prepare the balcony or garden for the summer by planting herbs, flowers and even vegetables.