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5 wireless ways to spend quality time with your kids

Enough of these phones, tablets, consoles, and so on! Yes, it is difficult to escape technology these days, especially when it comes to children. For them, entertainment is often associated with using some kind of screen, pressing buttons, and watching movies. If you want to tear them away from that world for a little while - inspire them!

Here are some of our suggestions for fun and creativity at home...


Everything green outside is covered in snow? No problem.

The answer is a mini Zen garden. Make it yourself. You'll enjoy it in your home. The DIY kit includes:

·       any succulent plants (visit the Botanical Gardens or a local flower shop)

·       decorative pebbles

·       sand

·       any choice of the bowl and why note even add candles?

Experiment with the arrangement of the elements and let the kids follow their own understanding of harmony. It's fun, relaxing and you can always change it.


Nature at home with materials available in it

Each household has paper or napkins. Scissors and a little dry or other glue will come into use. In the example photo, you can see that different shapes and volumes are easily achieved. In Bulgarian families, we used to sew together garlands of popcorn to decorate the Christmas tree. Why don't we try to make a garland of paper flowers and decorate the nursery to your child's taste? Fold, cut, and glue.


A Gift for your Pet

We have a solution. Why not solve two problems at once is make something on which the cat can scratch its claws?

Cardboard - we all have it. Yes, precisely - the shoe box. Or a few of them. Cut them so that you only use their walls and fold them into a roll. Then, glue the bottom side with warm silicone. You can also add some cork for decoration and it's done.

Optionally, add some cat treats that your pet will surely be drawn to.


Aesthetics in-home comfort
These coasters will give you a reason to wake up a little earlier to start your day with a cup of coffee or tea. Also, your children will be happy to play with the clay. If you let them mix the colors freely and then help them apply a little metallic paint on the edges with the tip of the brush, you will quickly achieve a sophisticated design that resembles marble.

Manual labor for more comfort

If you have tall windows, our next suggestion would be a great example of where you can spend quality time with your kids while teaching them to read, for example.

We will teach you how to make a swing big enough to hold more than one person.


Equipment Required:

·       A wooden beam with rounded corners;

·       twine rope up to 10m in length;

·       Thick and sturdy fabric, as well as Dad's help, of course.

He will help in drilling no more than 2 holes through which the rope can pass, as well as attaching the assembled swing to the ceiling by a hook specially designed for this purpose.

Before that, make sure you run the rope through the "loops" of the fabric, as shown in the photo. All you have to do is enjoy it - the view outside, or rather one inside?


The implementation of these proposals perfectly matches River Park’s design and mood. We invite you to let us know your results and whether you have found the ideas listed helpful